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LE 8: EASTER, I'm a Believer

LE 8: EASTER, I'm a Believer

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Brief Description
Curriculum Preview

What does Easter mean to me? Is it chocolate bunnies and colored eggs soon eaten and forgotten? What is so powerful about the Easter story that it can transform my life forever? These are questions to which children will discover the answers. Children learn that the Jesus' Resurrection story gives them Faith, Hope, and Love. Through the Cooking Workshop children make a tasty reminder that Faith in Christ's resurrection is essential as food to their life. In the Storytelling and Science Workshops they discover how the resurrection story gives them Hope for a new life both now and eternally. In the Art Workshop children learn of the greatest love -- that God so loved the world that God gave God's only son. Through an Art activity children learn that the light of the Resurrection of Jesus illuminates God's love for us. In the Mission Workshop children explore love as action. The greatest act of love is giving of yourself to others. Each workshop features a "Jelly Bean" Bible verse for children to live by.ÿÿ Includes: Spiritual Journal Booklet, Mission Projectÿ

Version 6.0


Focus: LOVE, Activity: Translucent Artwork


Focus: FAITH, Activity: Faith Cookies with a Surprise Ending


Focus: LOVE and COMPASSION, Activity: Mission in Haiti -- through International Child Care, Mission at home -- through Mission Calendar


Focus: HOPE, Activity: Salt Crystal Experiment


Focus: HOPE, Activity: Primary Children: Hermie the Common Caterpillar, Intermediate Children: Hope for the Flowers


Focus: HOPE and FAITH, Activity: The Messiah Comes


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