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Seminar on CD

For Faith Journeys Curriculum by Potter’s Publishing and Workshop Rotation Model Sunday School Training


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For 14 years Potter’s Publishing has traveled across the country giving seminars to churches as well as in conferences.

Now, we offer you this quality “Seminar on a CD” – a very cost effective approach to training your teachers.

This Workshop Rotation Model Seminar on a CD was created specifically for churches wanting to train their Children’s Ministry Teams on this innovative paradigm for Sunday School.

The semina can easily be presented to large groups, small teams, or even individuals who wish to view it on their laptops or PCs.  Power Point Note Pages provide the seminar leader with dialogue for each slide.

The Seminar on a CD presents the same content as our staff would provide if we were at your church in person.  It allows you to stop at any point in the presentation to discuss things with your team.

Includes 75 Slides Power Point Presentation, Detailed Seminar Leader Note Pages, Overview, Advance Preparation, and Multiple Intelligence Survey

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