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Scope and Sequence

FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum presently offers over 42 rotational units grouped in six Yearly Themes. Each unit of curriculum contains six workshops, i.e. six weeks of lessons.

Use the links below to view each unit or Yearly Theme.

Celebration Sunday ideas, Spiritual Journals, rich print teaching aids and tools are included in FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum. Many of our units have Potter's created computer games/activities, which are available to you for no extra cost and can be used on all of your computers. We often include lesson adaptations for churches without computers.

Potter's Publishing encourages you to plan your year creatively! Feel free to pick and choose from different yearly themes to design your own scope and sequence... or use ours. The choice is up to you! Buy one unit at a time or as many units as you need!

Faith Journeys Yearly Theme 1: Faithful Believers


Item #



Rotation Unit OT-15


A Believer in Babylon

Rotation Unit OT-16


A Reluctant Believer

Rotation Unit C-7

Believers Around the World


Rotation Unit OT-17


A Believer in Persia

Rotation Unit LE-8


I'm A Believer

Rotation Unit NT-16

Jesus & Discipleship

Calling All Believers

Rotation Unit NT-17


Believers, You've Got Mail


Faith Journeys Yearly Theme 2: Faith-Living by God's Promises


Item #



Rotation Unit OT 13

Abraham and Sarah

The Promise Travelers

Rotation Unit OT 14

Jacob and Esau

My So-Called Family

Rotation Unit C - 6

Jesus' Birth

Reaction to the Promise

Rotation Unit NT 13

The Good Samaritan

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Rotation Unit LE -7

Resurrection Revealed

Easter Seen Through Symbols

Rotation Unit NT-14

The Parables of the Talents

Use it or Lose it!

Rotation Unit NT-15

Values of Christian Living

This Train is Bound for Glory


Faith Journeys Yearly Theme 3: New Beginnings


Item #



Rotation Unit OT-10


God's Work in Progress

Rotation Unit OT-11


Character Counts

Rotation Unit C-5

Christ Revealed

Christmas Seen Through Symbols

Rotation Unit OT-12


Loyal Living

Rotation Unit LE - 6

Resurrection to Pentecost

Road Trip

Rotation Unit NT-11R

Parables and Stories of Jesus

Gems of the Kingdom

Rotation Unit NT-12

The New Church

Feed my Sheep, Peter


Faith Journeys Yearly Theme 4: Great Moments of Faith


Item #



Rotation Unit OT-8

Elijah: Prophet of Faith

Great Balls of Fire!

Rotation Unit 0T-9

Elisha: Prophet of Compassion

One on One with Elisha

Rotation Unit C-4R

Birth of Jesus

For Unto Us a Child is Born

Rotation Unit NT-9R1

Miracles of Jesus

The Miracle Worker

Rotation Unit LE-5

Passover to Communion

Delivered by God

Rotation Unit OT-3

Exodus and 10 Commandments

The Great Escape

Rotation Unit NT-10R

The Two Great Commandments

All You Need is Love


Faith Journeys Yearly Theme 5: Living by the Light


Item #



Rotation Unit OT-18


Praising our Majestic Creator

Rotation Unit NT-18

Spirit and Stewardship

Treasures in Heaven

Rotation Unit C-9


Get Ready! The Light is Coming

Rotation Unit NT-19

John the Baptist

Preparing for the Light

Rotation Unit LE-9


Following the Light

Rotation Unit NT-20

Prayer and Lord's Prayer

Teach me to Pray

Rotation Unit NT-21

The Beatitudes

God Bless You!


Faith Journeys Yearly Theme 6: Covenant Renewal


Item #



Rotation Unit OT-19


Noah and the Rainbow Promise

Rotation Unit OT-20

David (The early years)

Big Giant, Big Challenge, Big Faith

Rotation Unit C-8

Jesus’ Birth

Some Son, God’s Christmas Gift

Rotation Unit NT-23

Old Covenant to New Covenant

Shadow of Good Things to Come

Rotation Unit LE-10

Easter/The Good News

Scrapping Through Holy Week

Rotation Unit NT-22

Holy Spirit

Soar with the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Outcasts, and the Spirit

Rotation Unit NT-24


2012 release

Gentiles Welcome Here (Working Title)


Additional Units


Item #



Rotation Unit OT-4

A Free Sample Unit

Joseph Remains Faithful

Joseph-Living in a Land of Many Colors




Item #



SCD1 Seminar on CD

Training seminar in  Power Point Format

Workshop Rotation Model                Seminar on a CD


Faith Event Activities


Item #



MD-1 Spiritual Walk

A Labyrinth Type Activity

A Spiritual Walk for Children and Families

MD-2 Science Lessons

Science activities with lessons

Cool Science Volume 1

MD-3 Scriptless Drama  

A Scriptless Drama

Abraham and Lot Solve a Conflict