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Our Mission

Potter's Publishing exists to provide the best curriculum for the Workshop Rotation Model. We are committed to creative spiritually transformative learning experiences for growth in children's faith. We offer personal customer care and service for your church's ministries. 

We are committed to providing curriculum that enables children to KNOW, GROW, and GO in their Christian faith.   

Beliefs and Values


DEAR Customers,


POTTER'S PUBLISHING has been involved with developing the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday school since its inception. Potter's Publishing team was central to the group of Chicago churches that founded the Workshop Rotation Model initially in 1989. Potter's Publishing curriculum emerged from our own positive experiences working with children engaged in exciting multi-dimensional learning.

POTTER'S PUBLISHING IS COMMITTED to Jesus Christ and the faith development and spiritual formation of your children. Our goal is to provide creative curriculum that teaches the Bible so that it brings about the spiritual transformation of children's minds and hearts and leads them to a mature Christian faith. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, we want children to be able to integrate their faith with their lives.

IT IS KNOWN THAT CHILDREN LEARN BEST when learning is connected to real life. We want children to have that "Ah-ha" experience when learning the Bible and knowing God’s Word.

POTTER'S PUBLISHING BELIEVES that children can be equipped with applicable spiritual tools. To that end we write curriculum that provides children with biblical concepts, taught through biblical stories that they learn how to use as tools and rely on in their journey through life. Our curriculum allows children to make meaningful spiritual connections between Biblical concepts and their own lives. They can be well prepared for active Christian ministry and developing a mature faith.

WE BELIEVE that biblical concepts drive the curriculum units, with biblical stories and engaging activities used as the vehicles for transformative learning.  Potter's Publishing curriculum will uphold the integrity of your workshop rotation model Sunday school. It honors children as multi-dimensional learners with God-given multiple intelligences. It is solidly based on biblical theology, current research in education, and educational best practices.

ALTHOUGH WE PROVIDE SOME CORE WORKSHOPS for our rotation units, we believe that there are endless workshop possibilities for teaching children. God taught God's people in multiple ways; we don't attempt to limit the ways we can teach children through the Workshop Rotation Model. Therefore, you'll see workshops called Science, Historical Reenactment, Dance, Astronomy, Archeological Dig and much more.

OUR TEAM RELIES ON GOD'S SPIRIT and the gifts each of us contribute. We bring a unique blend of life experiences and talents as pastor/theologian, public school educator, and Christian educators. Our experiences in both large and small church settings strengthen our belief that anyone can use the Workshop Rotation Model. We hope that Potter's Publishing curriculum will play an important role in the faith development of your children whether you use it for Workshop Rotation Model, VBS, midweek program or classroom settings.

Our History

Potter’s Publishing has been writing and publishing quality Christian education curriculum for children since 1997.  Our curriculum is based on best practices in education, the multiple intelligences, and multi-dimensional learning, and most importantly the Bible.

Our staff is composed of educators experienced in the educational field and classroom teaching, Christian education directors and theologian.  We hold degrees in – Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, Masters in Christian Education, Bachelor in Journalism, and Doctorate in Ministry. 

Potter’s Publishing was an outgrowth of a grass roots movement in several Chicago area churches to radically change Christian education from traditional rote Sunday school lessons to engaging, interactive biblical learning leading to a transformation of children’s hearts and minds, spiritual connections to daily lives, and a maturing faith walk.