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Use in Sunday School Classroom Setting
Use for Workshop Rotation Model
Use for Mid-Week Programs
Use for Homeschooling
Use for Vacation Bible School
Use for Summer Programs and Camp Settings


Try FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum when …

Your kids are tired of dry lessons with coloring pages each week.

Try FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum when …

You are a Christian Educator concerned with the lack of depth of your current curriculum.

Try FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum when …

You want your kids to enjoy the rich benefits of multi-dimensional/multiple intelligences lessons in a classroom setting.  This is the way kids learn best!

FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum lessons are engaging learning experiences where kids make connections from Bible stories to their lives through art, drama, cooking, science, and more.


All lessons in our units are intended for K-6 with adaptations noted for primary and intermediate children. 

If using traditional grade level classrooms, we suggest each grade level start the unit with a different lesson.  In this way teachers can pass on their preparation and materials to another teacher, minimizing preparation for each teacher.  In essence the materials rotate. 

We encourage team teaching as well.  Two grade levels can team together to prepare and deliver lessons. 

Learn more about Potter’s Publishing Curriculum by clicking on the following links:

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Forgive us for boasting but we are the best Workshop Rotation Model curriculum out there.  That’s our feedback from customers.


  • Not only do we provide engaging activities but in depth lessons for your kids’ faith formation.
  • Our content is rich, providing for transformational learning and spiritual connections to daily life.
  • The workshop lessons are detailed so you don’t have to supplement or scramble around for additional material.
  • We provide you with rich print Appendix items to accompany each lesson.

We’ve been writing Workshop Rotation curriculum since 1997.  Actually, we were among the original creators of the Workshop Rotation Model in Chicago. 

Learn more about Workshop Rotation and FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum by connecting to the following links:

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FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum can be used successfully with your midweek program.  Each unit of curriculum has six weeks of lessons/workshops.  Kids can rotate to a different workshop each week (larger churches) or stay in one multiage classroom with a different workshop/lesson over the course of six weeks (smaller churches).

Advantages of using curriculum for mid-week program:

Since most churches generally have more time for lessons on a weekday, you can slow down and enjoy the lessons thoroughly, giving kids greater latitude for learning.

Kids may be a little antsy after being in school all day.  Our curriculum provides them with engaging and active learning experiences in areas like art, drama, cooking, science, games and more.  But it’s not all fun and fluff!  Our lessons never compromise depth of learning.

Learn more about FAITH JOURNEYS Curriculum by clicking on the following links –

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Are you looking to enrich your kids' homeschooling curriculum with biblical content?

Are you worried about faith formation being lost to the rigors of academics?

FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum offers a unique approach to grow your kids' faith through Bible stories, spiritual connections, and mission projects using academic disciplines and the arts like – cooking, art, drama, science, math, archeology, computers, and more.

Kids can learn measuring in cooking lessons while for example learning about Joseph and his many trials. The Feeding the Five Thousand story challenges kids to use math skills. Christmas will find them creating a sky canopy to view constellations as they follow the Wise Men and the star of Bethlehem. Kids will learn about erosion while they spiritually connect to the parable of the House Built on Rock.

These are just a few examples of how we incorporate the academic disciplines and the arts into Bible learning.

Learn more about FAITH JOURNEYS Curriculum by clicking on the following links –

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FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum works well for a VBS program.  Our curriculum has the “feel” of a VBS program with its active and engaging workshop lessons to which kids rotate.. 

What are the advantages?

Depth of learning!

Most VBS lessons are short with simplistic lessons and shallow learning. Our workshop lessons keep the integrity of biblical learning while still engaging kids in learning experiences with God’s Word that make connections to their lives. 

Less labor intense!

You don’t need a cast of thousands to set up – painting wall murals and decorating every inch of your church, but you can if it enhances your children’s learning.  

Cost effective!

No longer do you have to run around purchasing trinkets, posters, buttons and other stuff which may be out of stock if you delay. 

Choose FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum if you want a quality VBS program minus the hype. 

A Sample Schedule for a VBS Program

Opening Time

All children

15 minutes

Workshop lessons

Age level groups/rotate to a different workshop each day

50 minutes

Children rotate to the following in 20 minute segments



Spiritual Journals/Bible Memory Verse Time

Closing Time

All children

15 minutes



2:20 hrs

Learn more about FAITH JOURNEYS Curriculum by clicking on the following links –

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Are you looking for something fresh to use during the summer – perhaps for your summer program or maybe a summer camp?

If you have been using a traditional approach to Sunday school during the school year, Potter’s Publishing provides your kids with fresh, engaging learning activities.  Choose 1-2 of our FAITH JOURNEYS curriculum units to stretch over the summer.

Looking for Summer Camp curriculum?

Our “Cool Science” curriculum provides you with 4 science experiments and related biblical

lessons for a Science Camp.

Learn more about FAITH JOURNEYS Curriculum by clicking on the following links –

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