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Free Curriculum is very simple. Go to Free Curriculum.

When you are on the page, you will see:

* The folder "Joseph Curriculum" will download to your desktop

When you request this free download, you are asked for your real name and a good email address. By requesting this free curriculum that is complete and allows you to try in your Sunday School, we add your name to our newsletter list. You are granting us permission to add your name. On any of our newsletters, you can opt out by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Purchased curriculum is a bit more complex based on 1) how you purchase your curriculum and 2) your operating system.  

  1. When you purchase with a credit card and when you get your Order Confirmation on our site, you can immediately download using, “Download Product Files” link on that page.
    1. When you purchase using PayPal, you are able to do the same thing as above.
    2. When you purchase using Check or Money Order, our office must approve your order. We can do that within the day of your order. After a day, you can go to Customer Service and enter your Confirmation Number. From there you will be directed to the “Download Products Files”. You will have to enter your email and password to access your product.
  2. Every Operating System (OS) functions in a different way when it downloads a file. You or someone at the church or office should be familiar with your OS. Some place downloads into a file called, “Downloads”; others can send them to your desktop.  Know your computer to find your products once it is delivered from our server.

Errors do happen when downloading purchased curriculum. There are two types:

  1. A banking code error, which happens when you Confirm Order, the last step. If you get a code, it usually means there is a problem in the credit line, incorrect address for billing information, etc. Check with your bank.
  2. A downloading error happens when our server does not send you the requested files. Call us or email us and we will get it corrected in a number of ways fairly quickly.