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  • A Theological Foundation article Ms Word

  • A Vision for a Transformative Sunday School Ms Word

  • Art in the Workshop Rotation Model Sunday School Ms Word

  • Computers in the Workshop Rotation Model  What purpose do they serve? Ms Word

  • How To Do Scriptless Drama:  A formula for all kids to enjoy drama Ms Word

  • Organizing the Model Chart:  Teachers, Shepherds, and teams for environment design, materials, props/teaching tools, room setup and curriculum Ms Word

  • Organizing the Workshop Rotation Model: Structuring the model for your church Ms Word

  • Shepherds Who they are and what they do Ms Word

  • Spiritual Journals in WRM Ms Word

  • Upholding the Integrity of the Workshop Rotation Model  What are the theological and educational bases for the Model? Ms Word

  • Workshop Rotation Model Sunday School Ms Word